custom designs with affordable prices
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Product CategoriesOne SidedTwo Sided
      Bookmarks 38 50
      Brochures --------- 150
      Business Cards 25 38
      Calendars(20 Page Designs) 200 -------------
      Car Door Magnets 36
      Carbonless Forms(4.25x5.5inch) 30 ------------------------
      Catalogs/Booklets 45 per page
      CD/DVD Sleeves (basic) 70.95
      Club Card Flyers 35 43
      Door Hangers 65 75
      DVD Case Covers 60.95
      DVD BluRay Covers 70.95
      Envelopes 24.95 ------------------
      Flyers 75 87
      Greeting Cards 50 62
      Hang Tags 38 49
      Letterhead 25 ---------------
      Magnets 27 ------------
      Newsletters ------------ 125
      Notepads 37 --------
      Postcards (Glossy) 75 85
      Postcards (Matte) 75 85
      Posters 69.95 79.95
      Presentation Folders ----------------- 95
      Rack Cards 69.95 79.95
      Rolodex Cards 35 45
      Sales/Data Sheets 75 90
      Stickers 25 ------------------
      Vinyl Banners 55
      Vinyl Bumper Stickers 79
        SPECIALS is an online design and printing service website located in New York City.  We have a professional team of creative designers with over 7 years of experience.  Our goal is to help you save money on printing while creating high quality designs for your business and/or personal needs.  For personal needs, we create the designs that suite your daily life, including wall posters, family postcards, personal portfolios and many others. 

We also have 7 years of experience in publishing, such as Chinatown Directory, Focus New York Magazine, Chinatown Guide, and organization/Association annual handbooks and catalogs.

We are proud to provide our customers the convenience of one stop service from design to high quality media printing at low and affordable pricing.  Most of our customers are returning satisfied customers.  They put their trust in us in delivering exceptional services and low prices.

We also specialize in calendar custom design printing.  Most of our calendars are printed in Hong Kong, China, and some in USA and Canada. We print from small to large scale, for personal or corporate at low cost with high quality.

  custom designs with affordable prices


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custom designs with affordable prices
       Design Services       |        Order Calendar       |        T-Shirt Print        |        Quote        |        About Us        |        Help       |       Sitemap
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